Impresii critice despre artista Cristina Marian


We have always been fascinated by the worlds “beyond”, parallel, innermost, transcendental worlds…. By the painful moment of passing into another dimension. For this kind of passage, Constantin Noica coined the term of “becoming”- soul, individual, idea becomes from one world into another. Were we to see things from a non-materialist point of view, the passage is in fact the becoming. Cristina Marian has chosen the gate for our becoming towards a certain future. The gate is the interface between two similar rooms or between two worlds estranged one from the other. In a different enunciation “ the becoming” is equal to “movement”. Thus, “ the transformation” (the becoming) from behind a closed window, in one of her paintings, is accompanied by a twirl , a substantial movement of air, which, for the simple eye, makes the world from beyond the closed window impenetrable.
“Beyond” is not necessarily another world, governed by other laws, says the painter, it can simply be the public space (a different one of that of your own house), in which case the imagines are more explicit, the outlines smoother and the general feeling peaceful. Seen as a whole, the paintings, which seem a series of postcards – towards the end they appear to be blurred, lost in steam – define the restlessness from before the inferred miracle of passing beyond, of becoming.
The gate which ensures the passage- becoming is presented in a wide variety of shapes. At the same time, it remains an obstacle which sometimes obstructs perspectives and other times liberates visions for the avid eye who would like to sense what might be “beyond”.
Cristina Marian invites us to peer through the smoky windows, through the cracks in the gate or even through the keyhole at the worlds “beyond”.